Copyright Policy

All Mulligan Media content1is protected by Australian and international copyright law.

You are allowed to...

  1. Download our content for the purposes of streaming or viewing via a web browser, mobile device, television or similar media consumption device
  2. Download any content with a provided download link, via the provided downoad link
  3. View our content either by yourself or in a small group

You are not allowed to2...

  1. Use our content for commercial purposes
  2. Modify our content in any way3
  3. Show or distribute our content publicly4


"Mulligan Media", the Mulligan Media logo and the Mulligan Media 'Pinkgenta' colour pallete are trademarks of Mulligan Media both in Australia and overseas and are protected by Australian and International law. Mulligan Media trademarks should not be used without written permission from Mulligan Media for purposes other than reasonable uses in journalism. Mulligan Media reserves the right to classify any trademark use as unacceptable at any time.

General Disclaimer

This policy may change at any moment. All current, past and future content is governed by the current policy, except where otherwise noted.

1. "Mulligan Media content" refers to any and all content created by or licensed to Mulligan Media, including all text, images, video, audio and other content on the Mulligan Media website, Wiki, YouTube, and all other formats including downloaded and offline content.
2. Without prior permission from Mulligan Media or legal 'fair use' exceptions.
3. Except for the purposes of transcoding and reformatting for compatibility with personal devices.
4.Exceptions are made for the purposes of education in a certified educational facility or non-profit organisation.

Last Updated: January 5, 2013