About Memozu

Memozu is the evolution of television into the internet age. A fully-online and completely free network of high-quality and relevant episodic video programming. All our shows are produced in-house by a small but dedicated team of producers, writers, editors, artists and presenters from all walks of life. Our goal? To create the best video programming on the web.

The Memozu group of shows is diverse and continually expanding - if you can't find something to fall in love with, there's a fair chance it'll be there tomorrow. All of our shows are hosted by engaged and invested hosts, and our informational presenters are experts in ther fields.

Plus, we're also working hard to break into other media areas - stay tuned for Memozu books, podcasts, blogs, websites and online services.

In short, we're a small startup with big aspirations and one simple goal - to make awesome stuff.

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